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lapenn's Journal

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I'm an ecologist-errant who wanders the world delivering nature education to all who will listen. I'm currently living in southern Minnesota and spending a lot of time outdoors with my boyfriend and/or my kayak.

I love the Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy. I also love playing video, board, and card games. Outdoors, I kayak and hike, and I'd like to learn how to rock climb. I adore traveling; the best way to get in to my heart is to suggest fabulous world adventures (note: my definition of fabulous is not typical. I like third world countries, hostels, and outdoor trips. Then again, I also like museums). I'm into the liberal arts, so I enjoy English lit, public policy, history, languages, etc etc -- don't pigeonhole me because I'm a scientist.


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